What Is WIIX Coin (WIIX)?

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2 min readSep 16, 2021

What Is WIIX Coin (WIIX)?

WIIX Coin(WXC) is a cryptocurrency for a payment platform. WXC is the native utility coin in the WIIX platform, a decentralized application platform design for integrating multiple payment systems.

WIIX platform is used for the following payment integrations:

* Global payment systems such as PayPal, WeChat Pay, KakaoPay, AliPay.

* Major credit card systems such as Visa, Master Card, and American Express.

* Cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

WIIX Coin was created focusing on improving usability, security, and scalability of cryptocurrency and have partnered up to solves these issues:

* Usability: WIIX Coin has partnered with Centum Platform, an O2O platform, as a payment method. User application for users, business application for merchants, and overall system required to operate them are collectively called Centum platform. Centum platform connects offline merchants and consumers with cryptocurrency and global payment methods.

* Scalability: FrigateChain, the mainnet of WIIX Coin, is a blockchain architecture focusing on innovating the horizontal structure of decentralized applications. FrigateChain creates a WiixNET(master network node) that serves as a platform to make HiveNET(child mainnet). FrigateChain software provides millions of transactions per second using grid computing technology, flexibility due to total customization by creating a platform where HiveNET can attach to FrigateChain, and security and complete transparency by implementing open block centralization.

* Security: WIIX Coin uses WIIX Wallet technology to ensure security. WIIX Wallet is a wallet specialized in cryptocurrency custody and wallet service. WIIX Wallet integrates hybrid technology that combines cold wallets and multi-signature to ensure security and service stability. WIIX Wallet technology was later used to create a platform that provides custody, storage, and wallet service to other cryptocurrency businesses, such as exchanges, known as Ecointrust.

How Many WIIX Coins Are There in Circulation?

WIIX Coin(WXC) was launched on February 1, 2018, with a total supply of 2,100,000,000 WIIX tokens. Of those, 1,000,000,000 WIIX(47.6%) is for promotion/rewards in communities and exchanges. 400,000,000 WIIX(19.1%) is for advertisement and marketing, and 400,000,000 WIIX(19.1%) is for research and development fees for the WIIX Project team. The rest of the 300,000,000 WIIX(14.2%) is for the treasury.

Who Is the Founder of WIIX?

Hayong Jin is a serial entrepreneur in digital and fintech. He is the WIIX Project CEO with vast experience in developing, marketing, integrating, and planning various businesses. He majored in electrical engineering, started his career at LG, and is currently overseeing blockchain-related solutions and expanding his business interests in energy and biofields.

Most members of the WIIX Project have extensive experience in programming and have been involved in the blockchain community for over three years, and have created multiple projects relating to blockchain technologies.



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