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4 min readJul 19, 2021

Many people may be unfamiliar with BigONE. They only know it’s an exchange, but some believe it’s a nascent, small second-tier exchange with no bright spots, which is nonsense.

BigONE is a Dutch exchange with 5 years of experience managing digital asset trading platforms and extensive experience in digital asset mining. The platform follows the spirit of blockchain, creating ONE token ecology, and advocates that all users share the benefits and achievements of the trading platform’s development. BigONE is convinced that blockchain will change the world and become the gateway to the blockchain world.

Its history and background are vibrant, but the once dazzling light has faded slightly in recent years. However, this did not affect its “radical” status.

Is BigONE strong?

Judging from a lot of data, BigONE once was outrageously strong.

Spot transactions, legal currency transactions, leveraged transactions, futures transactions, leveraged ETFs, wealth management lending, angel platform AngelONE, and coin encyclopedia information are among its business lines. It is mostly in the past tense as long as it is a business model that appears on the market. Among these business models, the most talked about by users is futures transactions.

BigONE’s futures business launched a little later than other exchanges, but the newborn calf isn’t scared of tigers. There will be more than 100 million single-day trading volumes in just one year, with full coverage of mainstream currencies and no cheating. This situation is one of the few in the industry where the bottom line is stressed.

You can be confident that BigONE has never experienced a major security incident involving hackers stealing or losing coins in terms of security. We also strive to educate first-time users about the futures mechanism settings. This original intention has persisted.

BigONE’s futures business characteristics

Rate level

All current BigONE futures have a fixed fee rate: Maker fee: 0.02% Taker fee: 0.06%, bilateral, which means that only one transaction is charged, opening a position counts as one transaction, and closing a position also counts as one transaction.

When using BigONE futures for the first time, one of the most frequently asked questions is, “Why can’t I withdraw my cash?” This is due to the T+1 withdrawal mechanism used by BigONE. The money earned in futures and the invitation to discount futures require “T+1” to be transferred out (that is, after 24 hours). The profit from perpetual futures can be withdrawn only 24 hours after the position is closed.

BigONE has made the best optimization for some users who have issues with take-profit and stop-loss. You can make detailed settings for take-profit and stop-loss before opening a position and while in the position.

For the most observant users, you may want to calculate the transaction volume, closing price, and forced price of this transaction, all of which can now be seen in the upper right corner’s calculator symbol.

Liquidation price mechanism

Furthermore, BigONE’s liquidation price is determined by the mark price, which is determined by the index price and the funding rate. The equation is as follows: mark price=index price*(1+funding fee basis rate).

Each platform’s futures index price is based on its own index source. BigONE’s index source, for example, includes the spot prices of five popular trading platforms, both domestic and international, such as Binance and Huobi. Others have done the same. The platform will also have its own distinct index source, and the prices displayed will differ, which is why the index prices will be different. Open, and, BigONE will publish the index source spot price every minute, unlike some platforms.

Futures events, in addition to technological advancements and underlying logic, are a defining feature of BigONE.

Is BigONE getting more and more radical now?

Those who have participated in BigONE futures events have stated that BigONE is becoming increasingly radical.

BigONE decisively sent USDT in the face of peers’ general practice of sending trading bonuses. Compared to its peers, each of its events has increased its investment by more than 20%. This particular decision pleased users, but the industry heavily criticized it:

What’s wrong with BigONE, is it too radical?

In fact, BigONE’s gameplay is not overly aggressive; rather, it is different gameplay that benefits most ordinary users. The internal logic of all previous exchange events is as follows: whoever is a big player has a better chance of winning the grand prize. Whoever pays the most has a better chance of winning larger prizes. At first glance, this logic makes sense. However, due to the limited number of awards available each time, most users are accompanied by a large user group. There is no way to win if you run.

All of this will come to an end here at BigONE. To breakthrough, it must alter its course. It must use USDT as well as giving awards to ordinary users. Futures transactions and futures events are the starting point for this change.

More and more users will participate in BigONE futures transactions, feeling the beauty of this simple operation and knowing that they have a 100% chance of winning at every event, thanks to the “radical” change in BigONE.

About BigONE

BigONE is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. It was founded in 2017 and registered in the Netherlands. The group operates in Russia, Brazil, Vietnam, Seychelles, Singapore, Japan, and Indonesia, providing marketing, investment, and blockchain technology research & development.



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