The Benefits of Using the BigONE Exchange

Around the world, there are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges, tens of thousands of cryptocurrencies, and countless use-cases for these innovative digital currencies. However, as an investor, you most likely have no firm idea where to look for the best exchanges. Using BigONE cryptocurrency exchange has many benefits, including the number of encrypted currencies, security, transaction rates, quality services, transaction options, financial management and airdrops, APP, credit cards, financial derivatives, and so on. Indeed, a recent detailed review of the exchange on CryptoNewsZ confirmed, “it is feasible to assume that the BigONE platform is one of the best exchanges in the crypto industry, based on the features and benefits. Its cutting-edge security measures, amazing trading platform, and low fees offer it a competitive edge over other crypto exchanges”.

Number of cryptocurrencies

The number of cryptocurrencies available to investors varies greatly between exchanges. Some platforms, for example, offer around ten cryptocurrencies, whereas BigONE will offer hundreds of cryptocurrencies for investors to choose from. If you are a novice trader, you may only be looking for Bitcoin and a few other mainstream cryptocurrencies. Or if you are more experienced and have time to research you may want an exchange with a wide range of options, including lesser-known cryptocurrencies that you can invest in. BigONE can provide you with the full range of options.


Some people may perceive cryptocurrencies to be unsafe due to a lack of government oversight and the proliferation of hackers. Most major cryptocurrency exchanges, such as BigONE, are aware of this and have taken significant precautions to protect investors’ personal and financial information and assets from theft. BigONE is constantly adding new security technology functions, such as two-factor authentication, encryption, and cold storage.

Transaction fee rate

Transaction rates in the cryptocurrency industry may become standardized and fall across the board as competition increases, and risks decrease. Transaction fees and potential additional commission costs are standard in mainstream exchanges. Under the guise of commission-free trading, some exchanges charge investors to deposit and withdrawal fees. In contrast BigONE is well-known for its low fees.

Quality of service

Customer service at cryptocurrency exchanges is not always the best. If you have any issues with your account, you will require an exchange to respond quickly to your needs. On the other hand, an exchange that provides high-quality service can help improve your investment experience and therefore performance.

Excellent cryptocurrency exchanges will provide investors with timely, caring, and thoughtful services, including convenient working hours, fast response time, and good problem-solving capabilities. BigONE offers high-quality services to investors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Trading options

If you need to fund your account and buy cryptocurrency, you can do so at BigONE by using a credit card. Furthermore, BigONE provides investors with a full range of trading options, allowing them to select the best way to trade based on their specific needs.

Money management and airdrops

BigONE, like traditional bank accounts, offers airdrop rewards for your assets to encourage you to keep your funds with the exchange. In addition, investors can utilize wealth management features in two ways: on-demand and on a regular basis, with the annualized rate of return of some cryptocurrencies exceeding 10%.

Mobile apps

Cryptocurrency has the potential to disrupt the entire world, but not every crypto exchange will adopt cutting-edge R&D technologies. BigONE offers a powerful and user-friendly investment mobile app that helps you manage your cryptocurrency account, allowing you to trade whenever and wherever you want!

It is difficult to select an excellent cryptocurrency for investment purposes. Therefore, if you are just getting started with cryptocurrency investing, please pay attention to the features listed above, which can keep you from becoming overwhelmed. If you’re unsure which cryptocurrency exchange to use, BigONE is an excellent place to start, with helpful videos, FAQ docs and a supportive community on Discord and Telegram.

BigONE, more than just asset security.



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