Ten Things You Should Know in January 2022

1. The current crypto market is relatively weak, and highly volatile. When combined with the market’s last price movement, Bitcoin will likely move to the $40,000 — $41,000 price range in the short term, but you can’t rule out that it will dip down as low as $39,000.

2. Despite the market’s volatility, the world’s third-largest bitcoin whale address increased its holdings by 372 bitcoins on January 5 and 179 bitcoins on January 6. The top ten mobile addresses globally have six inflows and four outflows.

3. Bitcoin’s illiquid supply continues to grow. Currently, 76% of BTC supply is illiquid. At the moment, there are only slightly more than four million Bitcoins in circulation, which means at a high level the market outlook is essentially set.

4. If the market sentiment is less than 18 on the Fear and Greed Index, you may want to buy directly and aggressively. Numerous studies have shown that buying the dip below 18 is the best time to do so.

5. By 2021, crypto funds had attracted approximately $9.3 billion in investment, nearly twice India’s total investment. According to some analysts, this figure will skyrocket by 2022.

6. As a result of the current protests in Kazakhstan, with the government cutting off internet access, the hash rate fell overall by 18.6%. The most affected mining pools are 1THash (down 82%), OKExPool (down 46.3%), and KuCoinPool (down 46.3%). Fishpool, Ant, and Via’s hash rates fell by 12.8%, 11.6%, and 19.2% respectively. The hashrate impact is yet to reach levels seen when China banned the country’s Bitcoin mining ecosystem.

7. The total market value of metaverse-related crypto assets exceeds $33.657 billion, according to CoinMarketCap data. Decentraland ($5.190 billion), Axie Infinity ($4.735 billion), The Sandbox ($4.470 billion) USD), THETA ($4.295 billion), and Enjin Coin ($2.011 billion) are the top five metaverse tokens in terms of current market value.

8. According to Glassnode data, the total value of ETH in the ETH 2.0 deposit contract reached a one-month low of $31,522,933,617 on January 6.

9. The current market’s overall trend is not ideal, and the main reason for the unsatisfactory performance is the entry of funds. Now, in addition to the entrance of new funds, the existing funds are shrinking. Of course, a large part of the reason is the holidays as well as the more complex environmental factors.

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BigONE Exchange

BigONE Exchange

The most secure and convenient cryptocurrency exchange in the world. For the fastest support, please create a customer support ticket on the site.

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