Ninja Doge: The All-Purpose Token You’ve Been Waiting For

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4 min readSep 17, 2021

Ninja Doge: The All-Purpose Token You’ve Been Waiting For

In 2021, we have seen too many “dog-themed” cryptocurrencies, and at first glance Ninja Doge is like its predecessors. The difference is that in addition to being a token, Ninja Doge has all the features you want, including games, animal charity donations, and NFTs. BigONE has launched Ninja Doge on its exchange on September 14, and comes complete with trading, deposits, and withdrawal services.

What is Ninja Doge?

Ninja Doge is a multi-purpose token, which includes a mobile game that can be used on Apple and Android. Fifty percent of the game revenue is used to buy back Ninja Doge and burn it. At the same time, Ninja Doge has its own limited edition unique NFT, an animated series based on NFT characters, and promises to donate to local animal charities to help save animals that have been abused or homeless.

Ninja Doge’s core team consists of two co-founders from California’s Silicon Valley, nicknamed Sensei and Bubs. Jman, another core team member, is one of Satoshi Street Bet’s top administrators. Because of Jman’s presence, Ninja Doge has been able to connect with the right people and take the lead in developing mobile games. The team also includes developers, cryptocurrency researchers, plugin developers, and designers.

What distinguishes Ninja Doge from other similar tokens?

Ninja Doge is a multi-purpose token that can be used for mobile games, NFT, and charitable donations on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. Ambitiously, Ninja Doge’s long-term plan is to contribute to Elon Musk’s moon landing plan, while still benefiting animal charities.

Like other “dog-themed” tokens, Ninja Doge comes with its own tax system. Among them, 5% of the reward is used to promote people to “hold” Ninja Doge, 5% is used for repurchasing and burning to maintain price deflation, 2% is used for price stability, and 1% is donated to animal charities. Ninja Doge believes that “donations to smaller [animal] groups will significantly influence the communities around them. Contributing $10,000 to a large animal charity may not make a difference but donating to a ‘mom and pop’ local animal charity down the street makes all the difference.”

Apart from the fact that it is mainly aimed at local animal organizations, the appeal of the charitable donation method is that members of the Ninja Doge community can choose which charity to vote for, with every additional 5,000 holders. The community randomly selects all entries after receiving them and publishes confirmation on Ninja Doge’s social media.

Mobile games are part of Ninja Doge’s exciting ambitions, and it was built by the same developer who designed Fortnite. According to the creators, 50% of the in-game revenue from skins and gems will be reinvested in Ninja Doge development. The team believe the addictive gameplay and artistic Ninja Doge characters will appeal to most gamers. However, the team has not yet revealed any details about the gameplay. The Ninja Doge mobile game is due to be released later this month.

In addition, Ninja Doge has big plans for its own non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The team promised that when released, anyone could purchase a limited edition NFT collection card on its website, limited to 2000 cards, featuring characters in the Ninja Doge ecosystem. When you receive the card, you will have a chance to obtain rare cards. These rare cards will bring additional Dogecoin rewards to NFT holders. The reward system shared by the team is as follows:

Level 1–2: no additional rewards

Level 3: 10% more rewards

Level 4: 30% more rewards

Level 5: 100% more rewards

If an NFT holder has more than one rare card, the rewards can be combined. Therefore, when NFT holders have all the rare cards, they’ll get a reward of more than 735%. For example, if someone owns all rare cards and gets a USD 1,000 DOGE reward, they will then receive 7,350 DOGE rewards in each reward cycle (every three days). Ninja Doge claims this will be the largest reward reflection mechanism in the history of NFT!

The first token to reward holders with DOGE

Ninja Doge is always looking for ways to innovate in the BSC field, whether through its own token economics, donations, or marketing strategies. A key advantage is that it has brought many different investors to Ninja Doge’s token and has already generated significant interest, thanks in part to the token economics that promotes long-term growth and scarcity.

Currently, Ninja Doge’s source of income comes from a 2% token economic tax that funds the marketing and development. By the end of this month, it will increase revenue through in-app purchases and the first NFT sale, which will be the focus of Ninja. Although this is only the beginning, BigONE believes that if Ninja Doge fulfils the promise of its mobile games, NFTs, and charity giving, it will gain an increasing number of holders and supporters.

Ninja Doge is very excited about what will happen in the next few weeks, and BigONE plans to also launch Ninja Doge trading activities later. Ninja Doge is another interesting cryptocurrency launched by BigONE following the success of DogeCola. Both are cryptocurrencies which come with appealing token features. Ninja Doge is the first token to reward holders with DOGE generating NFTs; DogeCola is the first token that has both a currency rebate mechanism and soft drink products. Despite their differences, the two both have strong teams and an attractive brand which is promising for their future success.



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