New Festive Liquidity Mining Event Launches

While this has been an extraordinary and unforgettable year for BigONE, our global reach will be accelerated further in 2022. In total the number of team members across operations, products, R&D, risk control, and customer service is over 300. As a global business we pride ourselves on our effective teamwork across many countries and regions, while growing the number of users and seeing the transaction volume steadily increase. As you would expect BigONE has faced many challenges and roadblocks as it has grown, but we have also achieved success. We understand that all our success would be impossible without the help of our global community of users. BigONE considers itself extremely fortunate to be able to provide professional crypto-asset exchange services to people all over the world, and we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has grown alongside us!

BigONE will continue to uphold the values of integrity, safety, speed, and ‘win-win’ in the coming year and will continue to improve the platform’s security risk control, operation, products, and customer service, with the goal of providing our users with safe, professional, and convenient service. At the same time, BigONE will maintain its customer-first service philosophy, by selecting high-quality global blockchain assets, and actively expanding the choice of financial products and services. To help more users benefit from crypto assets, we provide comprehensive crypto and financial services to users from countries around the world.

With the arrival of 2022, BigONE will launch a New Year’s liquidity mining event soon to thank users for their long-term trust and support. The order book and the automatic market making mechanism (AMM) are used to power BigONE’s liquidity mining service. According to the AMM algorithm, the system will place the funds, thereby providing liquidity for the market. By adding digital assets, users can become liquidity providers by adding two digital assets to the fund pool. BigONE’s AMM makes use of the “constant product market maker model” (X * Y = K) to calculate buying and selling prices to provide continuous market quotations. The liquidity fund pool automatically makes the market, and the commission income is distributed to the liquidity provider based on their contribution to the liquidity fund pool. Users can receive additional reward tokens issued by the BigONE platform when selected cryptocurrencies provide rewards to users. To confirm, a liquidity provider’s digital assets can be added and redeemed in real time.

BigONE will launch the XIN/USDT, XIN/BTC, and XIN/EOS liquidity “three mining” event in the New Year, which means that users will receive three benefits for participating in one mining event. The event will take place between 15:00 on December 30, 2021, and 15:00 on January 6, 2022. (GMT+8). During the event, all users participating in the liquidity mining of XIN/USDT, XIN/BTC, and XIN/EOS trading pairs will not only receive 50% of the market’s transaction fee distribution but will also receive additional XIN and ONE token rewards. If there is no commission in the entire trading market within one hour, additional token rewards will be obtained based on the proportion of added liquidity funds. BigONE will set various additional rewards based on the total amount of liquidity pool for each trading pair, as follows:

Different additional rewards are set for the total amount, as follows:

Notes for the New Year’s activities:

• Fifty per cent of liquidity mining revenue and additional XIN and ONE token rewards are issued in real time, with additional rewards available at any time.
• When the liquidity pool of each trading pair reaches the new standard, we will update the additional rewards at 12 pm noon that day.
• The trading market that supports liquidity mining employs an independent fee rate system, which means that both the maker and taker transaction fees are 0.3%.
• Liquidity mining may result in temporary losses. Users should be aware of the risks and proceed with caution.

We are grateful for the years since launching in 2017 and look forward to the future together with our global community of users. BigONE believes that the year 2022 will see the rise of the metaverse, DAOs, and NFTs. The future of the blockchain industry may still be uncertain, but it also offers limitless opportunities and possibilities. BigONE will not abandon its original goal of financial technology reform, and will not be deterred by the obstacles to achieving this objective. Thank you once more to BigONE users all over the world for your support and care over the last four years. BigONE wishes all its users a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!



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