Likelihood of Bitcoin’s year-end high getting as high as 150,000–300,000 US dollars?

Bitcoin recently reached $40,000 once more, giving many people hope that everyone’s forecasts of year-end highs would come true. Two of these forecasts have been the most eye-catching.

Jiang Zhuoer is the first. As an early veteran of the cryptocurrency and mining circles, he projected on June 17, 2017, when the price of Bitcoin was RMB 16,000, that Bitcoin would reach 2 million RMB on July 29. On the same day, he stated on Weibo that his confidence stems from a simple truth: the central bank will print money with no constraints or restraints.

(The U.S. M1, M2, and M3 growth rates are all record highs, and M1 increased by 80% year-on-year)

The goal of cryptocurrencies is not simply to go up and down but to stop the period of anchorless money printing. It is hoped that the anchorless money production system will collapse due to the competition from cryptocurrencies. The world will once again encounter a dual currency system comprised of real currency and credit currency. Our stance on the entire coin development process is as follows:

As a result, based on the timing of each prior surge and the impact on the previous high, it can be confidently predicted that it will reach US$150,000 to $300,000 by the end of 2021.

Next, consider plan B, which many in the cryptocurrency circle describe as the “real god of the cryptocurrency circle.”

In his most latest tweet, he discovered that while the downtrend is still in an upswing, stronger bull market prices will return in the future by comparing the 2016–2020 trend line.

On July 26th, he once again proved through the on-chain data deduction that the bull market has not yet ended and that $64,000 is not a high point, which is in line with the S2F model.

Even in the public voting, many fans were divided into 64,000, far from the top, and even provided evidence to back it up.

To summarize, given the hopeful outlook for the cryptocurrency market in the future, what do we need to do as individuals in selecting a trusted exchange platform to preserve our cryptocurrency property while also earning a nice income.

BigONE’s advantage as a favorite exchange of young people is its great asset security (there has never been any coin loss or theft) and a large exchange with a decent group of young people as workers to understand and organize little events suitable for young people.

The technique of ranking exchanges based on trading volume is altered in each event, and the ranking is based on personal trading level and rate of trading profit margin. As a result, you will meet numerous futures experts at BigONE, and BigONE analysts will report daily. Once a day, our futures trading analysts will send you the results of their futures analysis. Let me state unequivocally that the accuracy of our trading signals remains quite high.

Is BigONE, which many of our users are concerned about, a new exchange? NO! BigONE has been in business for almost 5 years. From the standpoint of its inception period, it is an exchange that started around the same time as Binance, but it focuses on young people. As a result, as a newbie in the cryptocurrency space, you may be very unfamiliar with it. BigONE, on the other hand, is a household name among those who got into the cryptocurrency circle in 2017.



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