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2 min readJan 16, 2023


BigONE has introduced our dual investment feature, where users can get returns for investing in BTC, ETH, and USDT. The simultaneous investment in two different assets or financial instruments, often with the goal of diversifying risk or taking advantage of different market conditions, is referred to as dual investment. Investing in both stocks and bonds, or in both domestic and international markets, is one example. The concept behind dual investment is to spread risk across multiple assets rather than concentrating it in one. This can help to reduce a portfolio’s overall volatility and increase the chances of achieving a positive return. Dual Investment is a non-principal protected, floating income investment product. The product’s return rate is clear and fixed at the time of purchase, but the settlement currency is uncertain. When the product reaches its expiry date, the settlement currency will be determined by comparing the settlement price at the time of expiry to the linked price. In this article, we would explain dual investment with relevant examples.

Why Dual Investment?

The idea behind dual investment in cryptocurrency is similar to that of any other type of dual investment, which is to diversify risk by spreading it across multiple assets. By investing in two different cryptocurrencies, an investor can potentially reduce their exposure to the volatility and risk of a single cryptocurrency, while also gaining exposure to the potential growth and value of different digital assets.

With BigONE for example, in the ‘BTC — BTC Investment’ dual investment product, you will invest in BTC and either BTC or USDT will be returned at expiry, depending on which currency is returned at expiry compared to the linked price.

When the exit price at expiry is less than the linked price, the product returns the invested currency, i.e. BTC; when the exit price at expiry is greater than or equal to the linked price, the product exchanges the invested BTC for USDT at the linked price.

How To Start?

Go to Once you have invested in a dual investment product, you can view the details of your unsettled products on the dual investment page under “Current Position” and the details of products that have settled and the currency and number of returns under “Dual Investment History”. When the product reaches its expiry date, the principal and interest will be automatically transferred to your Earn account.

Final Thoughts

Dual investment can prove to be a very effective strategy if played right, and BigONE would like to implore our users to conduct an independent review on whether the product is suitable for you based on your financial situation, investment experience, investment objectives, investment scope, willingness and ability to take risks, and whether you understand the nature and risks of the product.



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