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Ethereum and Bitcoin both experienced a nice price pump on the evening of November 2. Although the crypto market has not risen significantly, the price action was still very effective in terms of bolstering market confidence. On November 3, the Fear and Greed Index was 76 (up from 73 the day before). Greed has become extreme greed!

This reminds me of the state of the market in December 2020. At the peak of the 17-year bull market, BTC encountered temporary resistance around $20,000. For a time, it was less than $20,000 and lost ground. Since then, it has gained traction, and BTC has well and truly broken through the $20,000 barrier in one fell swoop, ushering in a new round of upward price trends.

BTC has also begun to increasingly establish a price position around $63,000. Price fluctuations have become increasingly small, particularly in recent years. The Bollinger Bands closed once more and returned to the low range. The subsequent changes in the fluctuations are only a matter of time, and the overall trend remains positive. After the periodical adjustment period, there is a good chance that it will continue to rise. As long as the trend support is not broken in the near term, the adjustment represents a chance to buy low, so the best advice is to be patient.

According to recent data, the BTC market shows a changing trend.

The number of tokens on exchanges has reached the same level as July 2018, and as the BTC market liquidity continues to decline, a large part of the users have become BTC holders.

Only one of the top ten mobile sites are showing an outflow of BTC, while the other nine are in-flowing. While the current turnover rate has been dramatically reduced, and market volume is proving difficult from a circulation perspective, this relatively static situation could soon change.

What can ordinary users do in such a market?

For investors, missing out on a bull market is more heartbreaking than losing a few crypto coins. Investors should consider the most critical issue is how to grasp the market and make more money right now. Once upon a time, regardless of the market, a user on BigONE Exchange forced himself to open an order, motivated himself to practice risk management, and maintained a daily net profit of $500. He stated that the bull market has only occurred once in the previous years when asked why he was working hard at trading he replied: “Time is valuable, and I can’t afford to waste it. If I miss out on the current easy-money market, making money will be even more challenging when I am older.”

Not everyone is inspired to learn from his disciplined approach and open futures positions regularly; it’s just to remind you that no matter where the crypto bull market goes next, don’t miss this great opportunity!

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If the transaction volume of the BigONE contract exceeds 1,000,000 USDT during the event, another 100 USDT will be awarded.

Remember that the advanced boost rewards are all USDT, non-futures experience gold, and each user can only receive the advanced reward once.

Duration of promotion: 00:00 on November 9, 2021, to 00:00 on November 13, 2021 (UTC + 8).

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