BigONE’s Class Lesson 70: How To Create an NFT Through the OpenSea Platform at Zero Cost?

Hello, and welcome to the BigONE class!

NFT is an abbreviation for Non-Fungible Tokens.

The primary distinction between NFT and other tokens is that each NFT is distinct and inseparable.

However, it is difficult for ordinary creators to create and sell NFTs successfully.

Many well-known crypto artists have also had to wait a long time.

The cost of gas on the Ethereum network has risen, and many works have not been sold, leaving creators with a large amount of work to do on the chain. Unfortunately, this fee cost is sometimes much higher than the price of the work itself.

We are currently in a stage where Ethereum Layer 2 is not yet mature and well known, and other public blockchain’s appeal is relatively weak. Nevertheless, collectors and buyers of NFT art continue to congregate in the Ethereum ecosystem.

To meet the stringent needs of NFT art creators, the collection manager launched by OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT trading platform, allows creators to avoid incurring on-chain costs before selling their works as NFTs purchased by consumers or businesses. Instead, the only gas fee is the one required for listing their work.

Based on the tutorial published on the OpenSea official blog, we will learn how to create an NFT using the OpenSea platform at no cost, in this video.

It should be noted that the following guidelines generate ERC-1155 NFTs rather than ERC-721 NFTs.

Create Collections

The first step is to go to the OpenSea page, connect to your MetaMask wallet (installation address), and create Collections.

Create your own NFT collection

After you’ve created the portfolio, go to the second step and select the collection. You’ll see an edit button and an add new item button.

Configure the logo, social media links, and display settings by clicking the edit button.

Set the commission charged on the first and second sales;

Choose a currency supported by the store.

The add new item button can assist you in the creation of a new NFT.

When creating an NFT, the address and total supply will be encoded in the Token ID.

By doing this, no one else can mint more tokens than you, and the user who purchases the NFT can also calculate the hard upper limit of the supply using the code.

You can use the same interface to deploy your contracts, manage their listings on OpenSea, and set currency and sales commissions for contracts created on other platforms.

How to make my collection pass verification?

When you first create a portfolio on OpenSea, your NFT will be marked as unverified, and your portfolio will not appear in the search box or sidebar.

To pass the verification, please click the above-mentioned ‘Edit button’ on your portfolio, scroll to the bottom, and then click Submit to verify.

The OpenSea team will verify your work. When it is determined that your work complies with OpenSea’s terms of service and is not a copy of someone else’s work, the verification will be completed, and you will receive an email notification.

With this, you’ve successfully created your NFT on OpenSea at no cost.

The BigONE’s class for today is over here.

Thank you for your time.

We’ll see you next time.



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