BigONE Strategy: 6 things you need to know before buying “Baby Doge”

“Baby Doge, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo” This is the content of a Twitter post recently released by Elon Musk, adapted from a children’s song “Baby Shark” that has been played more than 800 million times on YouTube. Its purpose was to create momentum for the launch of Dogecoin’s spinoff, Baby Doge, and its price rose by more than 130% within a short period of time after the tweet was sent.

In the cryptocurrency world, love comes and goes, and the speed of change has become the norm. Not long ago, Dogecoin was the hottest cryptocurrency in 2021, but today, the birth of a baby doge made Dogecoin history.

Baby Doge coin, also known as Baby Doge, is inspired by Doge coin. Its birth has caused waves in the quiet currency circle again and achieved initial success. Its price has risen more than 1,000% in about two weeks.

On July 6, BigONE also announced the introduction of Baby Doge. Since its inception, Baby Doge has gotten a lot of attention. We feel that when many investors first noticed its LOGO, they were drawn in by its cutie appearance. But first, BigONE believes you should learn six things about it, all of which are beneficial to both you and Baby Doge’s future.

When was baby Doge launched?

As the name suggests, Baby Doge is a recently launched coin. It was launched on June 1, 2021. The first price that was recorded was on June 9th, when its price was 0.000000000175 US dollars. Due to social media and influencer marketing advancement, its price rose quickly but then fell again.

420 trillion

Baby Doge’s total supply is 420 trillion tokens, and the Baby Doge team has manually burned more than 125 trillion tokens. The manual burning means that the Baby Doge team can fully control the time and amount of tokens to be destroyed.

10% handling fee

In each Baby Doge transaction, the seller needs to pay a 10% handling fee.

Of these, 5% are re-allocated to users who currently hold Baby Doge.

The other 5% will be divided into two, half will be used as Baby DogeCoin, and the other half will be used for trading Binance Coin (BNB). These operations will help increase the liquidity of Baby Doge, and users can trade these two tokens with each other.

Half of the 10% fee is a reward for users who hold Baby Doge. If the holder sells the Baby Doge he holds, a 10% handling fee will be charged. If other holders are selling Baby Doge while holding Baby Doge, the user who currently holds Baby Doge will receive part of the handling fee as a reward for holding Baby Doge. Baby Doge’s reward mechanism is similar to Safemoon, which was launched in March this year.

Save dogs

In Baby Doge’s white paper, it is stated that one of the main purposes of its birth is to save those dogs who are in difficulty. Baby Doge’s team set up a charity wallet because 5% of the Baby Doge transaction fee will be redistributed to the current holder, and 2.2% will be injected into the wallet. Charity wallets are used to support Baby Doge’s charity partners. On June 24, 2021, Baby Doge’s Twitter account announced a donation of US$75,000 to the non-profit organization PawsWithCause, aiming to make use of the community painting day activities to attract more people to pay attention to those dogs in the local shelter.

The story of BigONE and the Baby Doge

For anyone who wants to buy Baby Doge, BigONE is the platform of choice. On July 6, 2021, BigONE launched the BABYDOGE/USDT trading pair and launched a deposit to get a rewards event. During the event, if you deposit Baby Doge to BigONE, you can share a total of 10,000 US dollars in equivalent Baby Doge tokens as the rewards.

Baby Doge’s ambitious goal

From the inception of Baby Doge, the team released a six-stage development roadmap, with the first few stages being pretty normal, but the latter goals seemed ambitious. These include the establishment of a mountain in the name of Baby Doge when the community’s market value exceeds US$100 billion and the establishment of the Baby Doge religion when the market value reaches US$500 billion. However, in BigONE’s view, cryptocurrencies with a market value of more than 100 billion U.S. dollars in the current market can be described as rare. The only one with a market value of more than 500 billion U.S. dollars is Bitcoin. Maybe we will never see Baby Doge’s Mountain peaks. But it’s good to have a dream, and you never know when it might come true!

Knowing these things about the Baby Doge, I believe everyone has a comprehensive understanding of it. BigONE welcome you trade and claim your be-loved Baby doge from BigONE.

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