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BigONE Exchange
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BigONE is a digital asset trading and trusteeship platform, helping users pinpoint invaluable blockchain assets from all over the world and providing users with fast and secure services, which are made possible by the top-notched technologies and risk management that ensure the security of users’ digital assets. BigONE team is made up of blockchain experts and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Due to the recent loopholes in market security and volatility in policy, we believe that citizens in the Digital Age deserve a better choice, as they need a truly safe, convenient and trustworthy infrastructure. BigONE helps users hunt more precious encrypted assets, providing high-quality trading experience and making sure that clients can trade and manage their digital assets safely and conveniently with the help of our state-of-the-art technologies and management flow. BigONE’s mission is to provide all citizens in the Digital Age with the most secure and convenient trading and trusteeship services.

What makes BigONE different?

1. Extremely Secure

BigONE adopts two-step verification and notification;

BigONE separates the cold and hot wallets, deploys multiple signatures, and monitors the status of the wallets and assets in real time. No one can get the private key by himself because of the way the encrypted key is managed.

BigONE is looking to become the world’s most secure blockchain assets trading platform by leveraging deep-rooted technology expertise and operational process, significantly decreasing the risks and guaranteeing the safety of our user’s digital assets.

2. Pro Users — Trans-Fees Mining

Everyone can benefit from obtaining ONE token. BigONE offers a 100% rebate by handling the transaction fees back to the users in the form of ONE token.

3. Multi-assets trusteeship

BigONE supports multiple blockchain assets, including BTC、ETH、ERC20、ETC、ZEC、SC. BigONE aims to meet all of the user’s demand.

4. Seamless Trading Experience

BigONE deploys advanced technologies to ensure speed of the transaction, updates detailed order book and P/L so that users can have the best trading experience they’ve ever had.

5. Multi-platform Supported

BigONE is a web-based platform, which supports all of the operating systems and devices.

6. Proof of Reserves (100% asset reserves)

BigONE keeps users’ assets in reserves, and will not deploy the assets by no means. The mechanism provided by BigONE allows users to track the status of the assets at any time.

Product Portfolio

1.Spot Trading

As the name implies, spot trading is the use of one cryptocurrency to buy another cryptocurrency, which we call a spot trading pair. For example, an EOS/BTC trading pair is to use BTC to buy EOS. In each pair, the token before the “/” is the underlying of the transaction (base), and the token after the “/” is the denominated asset (quote), which represents how many quotes you need to pay to buy one base.

Suppose we take spot trading to the practical level specifically. Let’s say you have 1 BTC; then you can open the BTC trading section inside the spot trading and buy any token you want. For example, you need to pay 0.0005193 BTC to buy 1 EOS, and the same for selling.

In spot trading, there are two other proper names, “maker” and “taker.” To put it simply, the maker is the one who quotes the order in the transaction, and the taker is the one who takes the order in the transaction. This means that after the price is matched, the taker initiates a deal with the maker who quoted the order.

In addition, every exchange now has basically set up a USDT, BTC, and other tokens trading area. BigONE, for example, has opened USDT, BTC, ONE, ETH, EOS, TRX trading areas, and these tokens are the quotes we previously mentioned. Different trading pairs can be used to trade USDT, BTC, ONE, ETH, EOS, TRX against other tokens in these trading areas.

In other words, you must have at least one of these tokens in hand to trade tokens.

ONE is the platform token of BigONE, and the total amount of ONE issued is 20 billion. As a BigONE ecosystem token, all the rights and interests of BigONE related businesses are tied to ONE.

Product Pages: https://www.bigonechina.com/en/trade/BTC-USDT

2.Margin Trading

Margin trading is a traditional financial concept, a financial derivative that refers to the use of small amounts of money to make investments several times than the original amount. Cryptocurrency margin trading is a derivative financial instrument based on cryptocurrency spot trading. Currently, BigONE has opened Margin trading for BTC, EOS, and ETH.

In the case of BTC/USDT, for example, BigONE currently supports up to 3x leverage. If a user determines that the bitcoin price will rise from 10,000 USDT to 20,000 USDT and has a principal of 10,000 USDT at that time, they can borrow up to 20,000 USDT from the platform. Buying 3 BTC long with 30,000 USDT at 10,000 USDT and selling it at 20,000 USDT will result in a profit of 3 BTC * (20,000–10,000) = 30,000 USDT. If you use only 10,000 USDT of your own money and trade the whole position, you will only make 10,000 USDT. If you trade with 3x leverage, your earnings will be multiplied by three times. On the contrary, if you determine that the bitcoin price will drop from 20,000 USDT to 10,000 USDT, and you have 10,000 USDT (0.5 BTC), you can borrow 1 BTC from the platform, sell one bitcoin short at 20,000 USDT and buy it at 10,000 USDT, then you can make a profit of 10,000 USDT.

Currently, BigONE only supports position-by-position (Isolated) mode. Position-by-position mode means that the margin allocated to a position is limited to a certain amount. If the margin of a position is not enough to support the floating loss, the position will be forced to close. However, the final loss is only the position margin and does not affect other account balances. At the same time, BigONE has taken over the quality user resources of Yunbi, and the margin tokens online are all tokens with good depth and ecosystems like BTC, ETH, and EOS, ensuring the depth of trading.

Margin investment is a way to multiply gains and losses. We can compare it to a “borrow chicken to lay egg” investment, which is a high-risk way to make a big investment with a small principle.

Product Pages: https://www.bigonechina.com/en/trade/margin/BTC-USDT

3.Leveraged ETF

The innovative leveraged ETF product is a new and innovative financial derivative product launched by BigONE, which can be simply understood as an ETF version of spot trading. Its operation logic is the same as spot.

Unlike traditional spot, ETF products have a 3x leverage attribute and are named by coin type + multiple + long/short direction. For example, BTC3L stands for 3x Leveraged Long Bitcoin, with L being the abbreviation for Long. BTC3S is 3x leveraged short Bitcoin, S being the abbreviation for Short. For example, if BTC rises 1% on the day, BTC3L’s net value increases 3%, and BTC3S’s net value falls 3%. If BTC falls 1% on the day, BTC3L’s net value decreases by 3%, and BTC3S’s net value increases by 3%.

As a result, the rise or fall of the spot price of the underlying currency is the main reason for the profit or loss of the ETF, which is reflected in the rise or fall of the net value, so when trading ETFs, you need to pay attention to the change of the net value.

Product Pages: https://www.bigonechina.com/en/trade/BTC3L-USDT


Fiat currency trading is another standard feature of trading platforms in addition to spot trading. Because the trading platform cannot directly trade fiat currency, it can only provide OTC (over-the-counter) trading.

This is like buying BTC on TAOBAO in the early years, where the customer and the merchant communicate directly without the need for a trading platform to broker a deal as in the case of spot trading. Therefore, one can interpret the exchange’s OTC (over-the-counter) trading platform as an exclusive cryptocurrency retail online shopping platform.

In BigONE’s fiat currency trading area, users can directly purchase the four cryptocurrencies USDT, BTC, ETH, and EOS.

BigONE strictly reviews user authentication. Only those who pass the advanced authentication can trade in the fiat trading area; all merchants are strictly screened by BigONE and frozen with 5000 USDT as merchant deposit.

At the same time, BigONE also provides secured transactions for merchants and users. After the buyer/seller places an order, the seller’s digital assets to be traded will be locked in the BigONE platform. When the buyer pays and the seller confirms receipt of the corresponding fiat currency, the seller will release the digital assets locked by the platform to the buyer’s OTC wallet balance.

OTC (over-the-counter) trading provides a channel for investors to deposit funds and open up access to the next step of spot trading. And spot trading allows investors to complete transactions between different tokens directly on the floor, eliminating the cost of token withdrawal time and miner fees.

Product Pages: https://www.bigonechina.com/otc/trade

5.Perpetual Contract

Digital currency futures trading platform BaseFEX was created in 2018 and has been acquired by BigONE in late 2019. On April 2, 2020, BigONE officially launched perpetual contract trading. Currently, BigONE has opened perpetual contracts for several cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, DOT, and BCH, offering leverage of up to 100x.

Product Pages: https://www.bigonechina.com/contract/trade/BTCUSDT?&lang=en-US


BigONE integrates Saving token and generating interest, Staking mining pool, ONE mining pool, EOS CPU mining pool, and so on into the overall finance module. It realizes symbiosis and co-prosperity and makes users’ investment more involved and meaningful. Under the BigONE finance module, there are four types of finance products: one-click investment, fixed-term finance, bear and bull battling, and mining pool.

Product Pages: https://www.bigonechina.com/en/coffer

1.One-click Investment

One-click investment products are mainly for the convenience of users to invest. The tokens held can be used to invest in quality projects and support ecosystem construction while achieving the growth of users’ assets.

BigONE has opened 11 tokens fixed/flexible saving such as EOS, POW, ONE, BIUT, and PCX. There are six options of 7 days, 20 days, 30 days, 45 days, 90 days, and 180 days for fixed-term investment, and the annual return rate ranges from 1.5% to 70%, depending on the selected currency and financial term.

Among them, only ONE has opened a 20-day fixed-term investment, mainly designed for financial products that participate in ONE’s construction and help the ecosystem prosperity. The calculation of the yield is also different from other mainstream tokens. The starting investment amount is 100,000 ONE, with a maximum of 1 million ONE. Each contribution value obtained can be matched with 1 ONE, destroyed together, and rewarded with BTC or ONE of equivalent value 0.14 USDT (≈ 1 CNY).

The flexible one-click investment products, on the other hand, offer annual yields ranging from 1% to 15%.

2. Fixed-term Finance

BigONE has opened four mainstream coins, USDT, BTC, ETH, and EOS, 14-day and 30-day term finance, with annualized returns ranging from 3% to 8%, providing users with more diversified financial options.

3. Bear and Bull Battling

In order to allow users to earn regardless of bulls and bears, in the Bull and Bear Battling financial products, BigONE is divided into two types of financial management, BullBaoBao(BTC Lending) and BearBaoBao(Dual Currency Product), with wealth management periods ranging from 8 to 44 days and annualized returns up to 100%.

The annualized return reached 104.93 in the 8-day finance campaign of BearBaoBao(Dual Currency Product) USDT that ended in December last year.

4. Mining Pools

BigONE’s mining pool was upgraded in November 2019, so you can see all the investment information more intuitively. In BigONE’s mining pool, it is a “deposit X coins to get X coins + selected mining coins” financial product, you can participate by holding the weight, and the interest will start to accrue on the next day. All the products in the pool are 30-day fixed-term products and cannot be withdrawn in the middle.

BigONE has launched EOS CPU mining products to meet the development of the EOS ecosystem and users’ diversified needs.

EOS CPU mining provides EIDOS, MICH, and POW mining projects which are based on the EOS ecosystem. At the same time, users can also enjoy EOS’s 1.5% annualized rate of return.

EOS CPU mining is a 30-day fixed-cycle product and cannot be withdrawn in the middle. Users can participate if they have EOS. The minimum investment amount is 10 EOS, and the investment amount must be an integer multiple of 10 EOS.

As for users’ principal and EOS interest earnings, after 30 days of product expiration + 4 days of the withdrawal period, BigONE will airdrop 100% of the proceeds from the mined tokens into the user’s account with no management fee.

5. B2C lending

On April 30, 2020, BigONE launched B2C collateralized lending, supporting collateralized lending of BTC, ETH, EOS, and other mainstream tokens.

7.Mixin Mining Pool

To provide users with safer and more stable income while carrying out a variety of financial management methods to meet the needs of different users and help the development of the Mixin ecosystem, BigONE launched the “Mixin Node Ecosystem Partner Program” in March 2019. BigONE has built 8 Mixin nodes, one node for every 10,000 XIN, with a total of 80,000 XINs participating in the main network nodes.

In the past year, BigONE received 11142.85 XIN from the eight nodes of BigONE Bigger Co-building, B1 Partner, and KOL Co-building, and the total server cost was 629.43 XIN at the average price of XIN per month. According to the Mixin mining pool rules, after deducting the server cost, a total of 9462.08 XIN will be distributed to users, which means BigONE will distribute 84.92% of the main network nodes revenue to users.


AngelONE is a digital asset angel platform officially launched by BigONE on October 25, 2019, dedicated to overturning the existing digital asset offering method. It opens its services to all project parties, investment institutions, and qualified investors, empowers global outstanding blockchain projects, finds quality investment targets for investment institutions and investors, and aims to lead the blockchain industry into a new phase.

In 2020 AngelONE made a strategic adjustment, aiming to screen high-quality global assets for investors and meet users’ demand to buy high-quality assets at low prices. GRT, KEX, etc., have become star projects, with the highest increase of over 98%. It has also conducted a half-price purchase campaign for the current popular project DOT.


BigONE’s decentralized trading platform BigDEX was officially launched in September 2019. It is a fast, transparent, efficient, and secure global cross-chain decentralized trading platform based on Mixin Network, dedicated to building a new generation of innovative digital asset trading platforms and leading the decentralized exchange into a new stage of development. On the BigDEX platform, quoting orders (Maker) will be rewarded with a 0.05 % commission on the transaction amount once the transaction is completed. On the BigDEX platform, all users can list tokens independently.

All users are given a JSON file and a 6-digit password when they register their BigDEX account. Both must be kept carefully; if one of them is lost, the user will not be able to retrieve the account and the assets in the account.

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April 21, 2021



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