BigONE Introduces New Grid Trading Features!

BigONE is happy to continue rolling out updates to its grid trading feature to reward its users more and provide them with new opportunities to profit in the bear market. Grid trading is a quantitative strategy that creates a series of buy and sell prices through a specific price range in the choppy market and automatically executes buying low and selling high to produce a trading method of swing range income.

Grid trading is more specifically based on a set price, and an equal number of buy and sell orders are placed at the upper and lower prices in a given range. American mathematician James Simmons created grid trading. The fact that the fund Simmons uses to trade has a compound interest rate of up to 40% annually — higher than what Warren Buffet and George Soros earn — is a common explanation for grid trading’s appeal.

The system divides the asset price range into several grids according to the settings when a grid transaction is triggered and sets pending orders for each price.

A buy order is executed when the value of a digital asset decreases, and a sell order is placed right away at a higher value; in other words, a buy order at a low value and a sell order at a high value are equivalent. Every time a sell order is carried out when the price of digital assets increases, a buy order is immediately placed at a lower price.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of grid trading extensively and look at the recent updates of BigONE’s grid trading feature.

Why Grid Trading?

Grid trading is simple to automate and requires little to no understanding of the market’s direction. Setting up your grid trading strategy will allow it to handle tedious work without constantly requiring you to monitor real-time market movements.

Prices on the shorter time frames typically consolidate, even in trending markets. Here is another opportunity to profit from slight price variations. However, the secret to ensuring your grid trading strategy is profitable is identifying a reasonable price range in any time frame.

With-the-trend grid trading is that if the price moves consistently in one direction, the position should grow to take advantage of it. More buy orders are activated as the price rises, creating a more prominent position. The more the price moves, the larger and more lucrative the position becomes. It builds a trading grid that enables you to profit from slight price changes by methodically executing limit orders at predetermined intervals within a predetermined price range. The greater the likelihood that a cryptocurrency will eventually realize the full potential of grid trading, the longer it trades inertly within a price pocket. Using a grid trading strategy, you can significantly improve your chances of buying low and selling high to profit from choppy market conditions.

BigONE’s Updated Grid Trading Features

1. Create Copy Order

When creating a grid strategy, users can turn on the create copy order mode and select the revenue share ratio (range: 5%-30%). The copy user can completely copy the grid strategy with a single user. Operation page: “BigONE quantitative strategy group → create → custom parameters”.

2. Quantitative Copy

Users can select the grid strategy they want to follow in the copy list and copy the order with one click. The strategy parameters are the same. After the copy is successful, a certain percentage of the grid revenue will be distributed to the user with the order. Operation page: “BigONE Quantitative Strategy → Quantitative Copy”.

3. Add investment

Users who want to increase their investment in grid operation funds do not need to re-create a new grid and can directly add the assets to the grid. Operation page: “BigONE Quantitative Strategy → On-going Strategies → Details”.

4. Adjustment Price Range and Take Profit/Stop-Loss Price

The running grid’s price range can be changed. We will also alert the user when the market price departs from the price range they have set through text messages, emails, push notifications, and in-site messages.

On the operation page, under the heading “BigONE Quantitative Strategy On-going Strategies,” you can also change the Take Profit/Stop Loss price for the running grid.

5. Ranking Display

A new grid ranking list is added, divided into “Today’s Ranking” and “7-Day Ranking”, and you can view the current running grid ranking. Check out the page: “BigONE Quantitative Strategy → Ranking”.


Users can modify the grid strategy to reflect the state of the market. The user chooses all trading strategies independently and at his own risk when he uses grid trading. Users who use the contract may suffer losses for which the exchange is not liable.

Therefore, BigONE advises users to read the grid trading guide thoroughly, assess their risk tolerance, and make reasoned decisions regardless of the exchange on which they are using grid trading.

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