BigONE 0ne-year Anniversary Futures Event is coming…

An Event About BigONE Futures, But Not Just An Event

The major exchanges are setting off a secret futures war.

Unprecedented intensity and variety of tricks make users gradually fascinated by squandering, and also make event designers scratch their scalp, tossing and turning every night.

Among the considerations, there are both the pressure formed by KPIs and the uncertain end of the current bull market. Any possibility will accelerate the psychological collapse of practitioners in the currency circle.

This also includes the rise of emerging forces, such as the popularity of BigONE futures transactions.

BigONE Futures Transactions Targeted by The Industry

The BigONE futures started in April last year, and it was not long after the first year of full play, but it is this “little guy” that has gradually attracted the attention of exchange peers and retail investors.

There are no other reasons. One is better and better futures trading experience, and the other is more and more abundant futures event. These two points are well received by users, giving users a feeling of growing up and becoming more and more competitive, and even after some users were invited to experience it once, they were deeply shocked, and their souls asked:

“It really took a year to make this? Are you lying to me?”

At present, it seems that the integrity of the product logic, the good transaction depth, and the industry’s first design of small functions are quite mature, I love it, just love it…

The big buddies from other exchanges all have complete resumes, rich experience, and serious work styles. They are in the stage of becoming young and vigorous. Seeing this little guy grow step by step, while surprised, they also feel a sense of crisis.

In fact, since BigONE’s first contract event, more than 10 events have been held so far, four of which are most deeply rooted in the hearts of the people: the futures star project, the first season and second season of the futures master and the futures lucky star project. Although not much investment in these four events, the response was good.

Just like a user who insisted on participating in each event said: “I felt the feeling of being valued by the exchange for the first time. This feeling is too good. I am not a marginalist at last, LOL.” Some users said: “The first one I feel that small retail investors also have the chance to win big prizes. In other exchanges, they were always arranged in order of transaction volume. You are right or wrong, and you can’t make mistakes, but for ordinary people, It’s meaningless!”

Under the praise of users and other exchanges, BigONE has not inflated, because from the bottom of the logic, even if it is a futures event, it is completely different from the bottom logic of other exchanges, and its industry impact is even greater. It is far-reaching and at the same time full of controversy.

Controversy And Thinking About Winning Logic

According to the results of a futures event survey, the most concerned question for users with a trading volume of 10–1000U is: Can I win prizes equally? Secondly, what kind of prize did you win? Are there any awards for cars, mobile phones, etc.?

Even in previous events, as soon as the futures event was launched, users privately wrote to ask: Am I eligible to participate in this event? What is the probability of my winning? These are questions that cannot be answered positively in the design of most exchanges in the past.

Because, it relates to two “Internal Consideration”:

First of all, how much money did I invest in this event, if all the retail investors have the opportunity to participate, will we be cheated and get negative effect of the event?

How to prevent being cheated? That need to limit a part of users can not participate in, which is a kind of product logic, after all, it is necessary to weigh and consider the input-output ratio. The same is true for exchanges. However, if you want to get a good return, it may be a shortcut to deliberately please the big players. Therefore, ranking by transaction volume and looking at the ranking of the amount of money will appear. Particularly of course, it is also the common winning idea of general exchanges. After all, in their subconscious mind: How much money can retail investors have?

But in the eyes of BigONE, who also treats big players as treasure, this question has a new answer.

Let retail investors and large investors return to the same starting line, do not rely on the trading volume rankings, rely on their own skills, look at the single rate of return rankings obtained, the reward content makes the large investors tickle, and at the same time give the retail investors an absolutely fair opportunity. You only need to take with 10U, you can get the latest high-end Apple mobile phone. This kind of operation is unique in the currency circle.

As for the big players, BigONE will also give them consideration. In the design of the event, they will be given an exclusive reward (for example, there will be special rewards for big players), but it will never affect the main theme of the event-look at your single contract rate of return awards, such a rigid standard, we will not be cheated, and retail investors are also motivated, so why not do it?

Secondly, award bonus to let users experience the product or give away real USDT?

Which is the hardest question for the crypto event design

In the reward content, it is better to give real money or give bonuses, or experience fee. Each exchange has its own answer. According to statistics, at present, most exchanges do not give real money. They think: bonus, it’s also money. As long as you use it with me, create trading volume for me, and then make money. If you reach a certain standard I set, you can withdraw it. After such a round, isn’t it still real money?

This point of view is actually correct. After all, the experience fee and bonus are the same as U, but one can be taken away, and the other requires some conditions to use. BigONE’s experience fee is also very valuable, but BigONE chooses more stations from the user’s point of view, choose to give away real money to let users take it.

For ordinary users, they need more tangible rewards that can be obtained quickly and can be withdrawn. Therefore, BigONE releases physical rewards and real U rewards, which are also controversial in the industry, but this is the uniqueness of BigONE. It is guaranteed that each event must have some physical rewards, real U rewards, and some experience fee rewards, so that each user has chance to get involved, and you can see that BigONE’s sincerity is also full.

It’s definitely not like that some exchanges are indestructible and seem to have large rewards, but if you look carefully at the small print, they are all bonuses, or experience fee, or rewards fee, and they need to be ranked according to transaction volume to get them.

Investigating its root causes, the event designer behind BigONE has obviously chosen a more “real” event design path, thinking more about ordinary people.

BigONE Chooses an Extraordinary Road

“What’s the next event of BigONE looks like?”

“Next time, will still based on the revenue rate ranking?”

“Do not forget to let me know if there is any detailed news! Don’t forget it!”

As to the next event of BigONE, why it must be an event?

It chose an uncommon style, a path that few people choose, and gave profits to ordinary retail investors, so that they would win the prize with the same probability as the big users. Since then, every time they win, there is rarely a high transaction volume barrier, so don’t worry. Whether the reward is true or not, there is no need to worry about the withdrawal problem. All the routines and anxiety that have been worried before, the winner does not need to think about.

Such kind of feeling, i believe that each one in crypto circle will be addicted in.

I prefer to change the name of event into communicate. Each event is more like that we communicate with all the participants face to face and soul opened. That is, BigONE provide with a sincere heart and wish could get attention and support from users.

Soon, a new event is coming again… This time BigONE really bought a Tesla, bought a lot of Apple phones, and bought the latest M1 version of the iPad. This time, you still don’t have to think too much, just focus on improving the probability of winning.

Yes, it’s coming again~


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