There are three main drivers behind any type of trading market. BigONE believes that whether they are stocks, bonds, precious metals, commodities, or cryptocurrencies they will all be affected by the following three key factors.


The larger macroeconomic conditions within which the market exists provides the shape and context…

The year 2021 was spectacular for cryptocurrencies. The price of Bitcoin reached a new high, and the rise of NFTs, as well as the rapid growth of the metaverse and DAOs, has attracted a large number of investors. What can be expected in the cryptocurrency market as the year 2022…

1. The current crypto market is relatively weak, and highly volatile. When combined with the market’s last price movement, Bitcoin will likely move to the $40,000 — $41,000 price range in the short term, but you can’t rule out that it will dip down as low as $39,000.

2. Despite…

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